ID: 225541
Scientific Name: Magnolia tripetala
Common Name: Umbrella Magnolia
Town: Branford
Points: 213
Circumference: 131 in
Height: 70 ft
Average Spread: 50 ft
Tree Address: Lake Saltonstall
Branford, CT 06405
Directions: Take green trail south from the parking area, along the eastern side of the lake. Magnolia grove is on the right side of the green trail just after it turns left.
Nominated by: Toni Hobbins (Apr 13, 1995)
Measured by: Ed Richardson & Frank Kaputa
(Sep 9, 2013)
Remarks: This tree is the largest in a grove of umbrella magnolias that was planted by the Yale School of Forestry before 1950, possibly in the 1920s or 1930s, as part of their experimentation with different species. The area is now protected as part of the Lake Saltonstall watershed.
Notes: USA This tree is a national champion — since Oct 2013
CT This tree is a Connecticut champion.
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