"Norwich Flood Tree"
ID: 225578
Scientific Name: Acer saccharum
Common Name: Sugar Maple
Town: Norwich
Points: 186
Circumference: 98.5 in
Height: 72 ft
Average Spread: 60 ft
Nominated by: Roberta Vincent (Sep 25, 2013)
Measured by: Glenn Dreyer (Oct 11, 2013)
Remarks: On March 6, 1963 the earthen dam at Spaulding Pond, Mohegan Park, Norwich, CT burst, flooding the city and leading to 6 deaths and $6 million in damage. The Moody family and Mr. Tony Orsini were caught in the flood, and after their vehicle was overturned, sought refuge on a building roof, then jumped into this sugar maple shortly before the roof washed away. Tom Moody, 4 years old at the time, has written a book about it called "A Swift and Deadly Maelstrom." The Tree of Life - a poem On that fateful night, March 6, 1963 I was a mere sapling, bracing winter With a slender trunk, tender branches Rooted in the soil on 299 Franklin Street The Spaulding Pond Dam had just burst Frigid flood waters were approaching That night my destiny was sealed Miraculously, becoming a "Tree of Life" The Moody car lay overturned; With the six of them As the survivors climbed onto a roof No longer able to hold Tom Sr.’s grasp His beloved wife Honey slipped away "She's gone", Tony murmured As he grabbed Jimmy by the hand Shawn, zipped safely under his jacket Getting to safety was their immediate plan I was spotted off in the distance The roof and my height were the same As they duck walked towards me, Straddling the roofs’ peak Tom Sr. held on to Tommy’s hand After climbing into the V of my trunk The roof suddenly collapsed; it was gone They continued to cry out for help Hoping someone would hear their sounds The children were frightened, cold and wet It was painful, as I heard Jimmy’s cries I sheltered them for over an hour Until the flood waters finally subsided Prayers answered, they were rescued, Tony would eventually return safely home Tom Sr.’s heart filled with grief Remained at the hospital with his three sons I have aged, but still permanently rooted In the soil on Franklin Street 50 years ago; a tragic and now historic moment Having earned the honor of a "Notable Tree" Authored by Roberta J. Vincent; October 9, 2013
Notes: This is a historic tree.
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