ID: 226323
Scientific Name: Pinus rigida
Common Name: Pitch Pine
Town: New Hartford
Points: 176
Circumference: 87 in
Height: 82 ft
Average Spread: 28 ft
Tree Address: Litchfield Turnpike
New Hartford, CT 06057
Directions: Use GPS coordinates, the trail network is huge and confusing. Park at the Nepaug State Forest parking area along Route 202. Follow the trails northward along the base of the hill until you reach the power line corridor. Follow the corridor uphill a short distance until the trail turns left back into the woods on the north side of the corridor. The tree is about 100 feet from the utility corridor along this trail and about 30 feet off the trail to the right.
Nominated by: Jeffrey Lyle (Sep 22, 2019)
Measured by: Jeffrey Lyle (Nov 8, 2019)
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