"The Ashford Oak"
ID: 3001
Scientific Name: Quercus rubra
Common Name: Red Oak
Town: Ashford
Points: 416
Circumference: 333 in
Height: 68 ft
Average Spread: 61.5 ft
Tree Address: Giant Oak Lane
Ashford, CT 
Directions: About one mile west of intersection of Routes 44 and 44A. Just north of Route 44 on Giant Oak Lane.
Measured by: Linke, Glenn Dreyer, Metzler
(Mar 28, 1998)
Remarks: From Matthies's book: "This oak was awarded the first prize as being the largest tree entered in the 1927 tree contest, having a circumference of thirty-two feet at one foot from the ground, and at four and one half feet, of twenty-one feet. Its horizontal branch spread is one hundred and thirty-five feet and its height, ninety seven feet."
Notes: This is a tree noted in Matthies's book.
CT This tree is a Connecticut champion.
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