Our State is blessed with a rich diversity of plants, animals, forests, and historic resources. We all share a concern for preserving this cultural landscape, the things that give our state its unique character. Trees are symbolic of our relationship with nature, a touchstone to the past and future.

Established in 1985, the Notable Trees Project collects and distributes information about Connecticut's largest and most historic trees, both native and introduced. By educating our fellow citizens about the importance of our state's natural heritage we work to preserve it. It is a volunteer enterprise sponsored by the Connecticut Botanical Society, The Connecticut College Arboretum, and the Connecticut Urban Forest Council.

A book by Glenn Dreyer, "Connecticut's Notable Trees," was published by the Connecticut Botanical Society and the Covered Bridge Press in 1989, 1990 and 1998. The later editions were the same as the original, except that they were perfect bound and included updated Champion Tree Lists. Most libraries in the state have copies of the book, which is currently out of print.

A computer database is maintained at the Connecticut College Arboretum that includes records of 4637 individual trees in the state. Information for each tree includes size, location, ownership, and condition. The champion tree lists are derived from this database.

Exact locations of the trees are not always given because we do not always have permission from owners of trees on private property to publish their locations. In the future, we hope to develop lists that will include locations of trees growing on land open to the public.

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